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Research and Articles

Creativity Ecologies in Schools

Nia Richards 


May, 2021

Commissioned by Professor Bill Lucas for Arts Council England's Creativity Exchange.

How to create a school ecology to promote creativity.

Creativity, Practice and Professional Learning

Nia Richards and Sophie Hadaway

January, 2021

An infographic summarising our webinars for IPDA Cymru.

A Blue-print for Innovative and High-quality School and Cultural Partnerships

Nia Richards

24 November, 2020

Ysgol Tudno and Ensemble Cymru are developing innovative practice within the Expressive Arts through a collaborative professional-enquiry approach, they are increasing engagement by being responsive to pupils’ needs and interests and they are building relationships between the school and the wider community.

Inter-professionalism between teachers and creative practitioners: Risk, exploration and professional identity – learning in situ and the impact on practice

Nia Richards and Sophie Hadaway

6 November, 2020

Practice: Contemporary Issues in Practitioner Education, Volume 2, 2020

'It is not enough for teachers to have values which correspond to the theoretical underpinnings of curriculum; they need time to construct new realities and make sense of new ways of working.  When their values and practice align, they understand the theory and are more able to adopt authentic identities.'

Dialogic Feedback: The Key to Improving Student Engagement with Formative Assessment in Further Education?

Nia Richards

MA Practitioner Research: Dissertation

Effective assessment feedback has been the subject of extensive research (Black & Wiliam, 1998, Black et al, 2002, Brooks, 2002, Hattie & Timperley, 2007, Swaffield, 2009). Educationalists understand the importance of giving timely, personal and diagnostic feedback in order to advance student learning and performance.  However, a dichotomy exists as learners often do not understand the feedback and do not act on it (Carless, 2006, Price et al, 2010).  This study has been conducted by a teacher-researcher who has experienced the distortion between the lengthy process of producing detailed written feedback of quality and the perceived low engagement and response to the feedback by the learner.

5 June, 2015

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